Elisa Lientola


Sculptor, master of arts, Lecturer, Politician

City counciller in Lahti since 2013

Age 40

Canditate for finnish parlament

Main targets for 2019-2013

The possibility for an equal high-quality education ensures our success in life. We must bring back the right for early childhood education for all, restore sufficient resources for vocational training, and ensure the availability of learning support in comprehensive schooling. We must invest in research, development and art.

We must take climate change seriously and make significant decisions at a legislative level, for our carbon footprint to decrease radically. We must invest in renewable energy and railways, as well as, protect our forests, lakes and waterways.

Income distribution must be fair and enable everyone to participate in society and work to earn a livelihood. Underpayment must be criminalised, and the self-employed must be provided with negotiation rights. A universal basic income genuinely activates people to test their own strengths without costly bureaucratic control.

Oikeudenmukaisemman ja inhimillisemmän yhteiskunnan rohkea rakentaja.