Elisa Lientola

Sculptor, master of arts, Lecturer, Politician

City counciller in Lahti since 2013

Age 42

Candidate fo city council 2021-2025

Main targets for 2021-2025


We need anti racist action in Lahti. All the staff should have annual education for noticing (systemic) racism and discrimination and be able to interfere with it. Impacts for sexes and minorities must be pre-evaluated with every remarkable decision-making.

The possibility for an equal high-quality education ensures our success in life. We must establih the right for early childhood education for all, restore sufficient resources for vocational training, and ensure the availability of learning support in comprehensive schooling. We must invest in research, development and art.


Everyone has right to create and experience art. Artists capability to create income must be supported by grants, studios and paying fair when ordered shows or workshops. Art should be part of the social-and health care for better wellbeing of patients. People with low income and social need should be granted a free entrance to our culture services, such as theater, museum and orchestra, by Kaiku-card.

EnvironmentWe must take climate change seriously and make significant decisions at the municipal level also, for our carbon footprint to decrease radically. We must invest in pure renewable energy, public transport and cycling circumstances and recycling of construction materials, as well as, protect our forests, lakes and waterways.